Foreign diplomats in Zambia representing Britain and the USA have been called upon to condemn acts of terrorism threatening the peaceful transfer of power in USA at the US Capitol.

Trump sponsored local terrorists besieged the US Capitol last night

The Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Platform (ZIGGLAP) said it is deeply troubled with political happenings in the United States which have been sponsored by the US administration under President Trump.

“The current regime has sponsored local terrorists who besieged the US Capitol where Senators were having a constitutional session on the election of President-Elect Biden,” said ZIGGLAP Chief Executive Officer Francis Chipili.

Mr. Chipili said ZIGGLAP is concerned that some foreign diplomats in Zambia representing countries such as Britain and the USA itself international community have been dead silent on these happenings in the USA.

“These are the same diplomats who have been taking a leading role in condemning recent happenings in Zambia where two people were shot dead. These countries have also been supporting elements in Zambia who are sowing seeds of discord ahead of Zambia’s 2021 elections as part of the democratic process,” said Chipili.

ZIGGLAP has since ask Zambians to avoid taking the path being witnessed in the USA where politicians are sacrificing citizens at the altar of political expedience when these politicians lose an election.

“We urge Zambian parents to not allow their children and youth to be used. Don’t sacrifice your children,” said Mr. Chipili.

He asked Zambians to be wary of some clergy such as Archibishop Mpundu and civil society organisations who are mobilising them for such similar actions which contribute to breakdown of law and order as well as loss of life as has happened in America.

Mr. Chipili reiterated the message by Zambia’s President that no politician, including himself, is worth dying for.