Bridget Atanga and Joseph Akafumba have always been hired guns for UPND and its a pity Kambwili did not realize this fact sooner as the dual had joined the NDC, says Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza.

Mr Mwanza has meanwhile commended the NDC and Dr Kambwili for his sobriety in the manner they are handling internal party wrangles with his party.

Mr Mwanza said its important that political parties as primary institutions of democratic governance are strengthened than weakened.

“But if you look at the role Bridget Atanga has always played in the history of political parties, she has always been destructive and is a hired gun for those who want to destroy others,” said Mwanza

Mr Mwanza has however said Kambwili has himself to blame for not having had foresight on Atanga and Akafumba, who had just joined NDC from UPND.

“Bridget Atanga has always been a loose cannon from the time of internal Patriotic Front wrangles. She was used to try and disadvantage Edgar Lungu over Miles Sampa but later to went to UPND were her heart has always been,” he said.

Mr Mwanza said many people foresaw that when Atanga joined NDC from the UPND, She was carrying her predictable roles against the new party.



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