HONEYBEE leaking condoms have taken a new bizzare twist with two ZABS employees resigning over having been forced to declare as defective, the condoms supplied by Honey Bee Pharmacy to Ministry of Health (MoH).
The damning revelations emerging from within the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) are that the two lab technicians were coerced by external forces to falsify the outcome of the tests. This development comes after ZABS was asked to do a confirmation test following the right procedures and standards in presence of Honeybee and Medical Stores officers as witnesses. Fearing to be discovered, the two employees who were forced to fake the results have opted to resign and become witnesses so as to escape prosecution.
“Two of our employees have resigned owing to corruption allegations. They were being paid to falsify reports that the medical kits from Honeybee were defective,” sources say. “It is why ZABS did not invite the supplier (Honeybee) or the Ministry or Medical Stores to witness the initial tests conducted one one condom and one glove that rendered the condoms and gloves defective”.
More on this as the story unfolds.