Meet MacLean Sandra Phiri
MacLean Sandra Phiri was born on 5th September in Lusaka at UTH. Did her basic school at Matero East and Kasanda Basic then she finally completed her Education at Matero Girls Secondary School.
Sandra has always lived her whole life in Matero as she grew up from there, her childhood was characterised by her going to church and playing Tennis.
According to MacLean, she discovered her talent when she was Quite young, ” I was always involved in church plays then I joined the choir and drama group at secondary, I was doing theatre and TV acting that was when I was in grade 12 in 2008″
The Admin asked Sandra on what disadvantages she may have experienced as a result of her being a public figure, She replied ;
“There is no Privacy, people want to know whatever I do even whom am dating and all that(she said while smiling), so really the major challenge for me is not having privacy and its Hectic, you have to smile for even when you are in a bad mood”
MacLean has featured in many movies, Sitcoms and Series namely Banja, Mpali and landlady meets landlord just to mention a few, she has also done plays for music video e.g she played the role of Tholiwe in the music video for willz mr nyapole.
Apart from acting, MacLean is a mother of two beautiful souls, she is also in formal employment at Chreso university. Furthermore, she runs a foundation called Jemimaclean foundation which she founded together with her Friend Jemimah Burton Phiri (Monde in Mpali) at the same she is also a student.
Her Human Qualities:
“I love having fun and smiling most people say my smile is contagious. I love making people happy even when am sad myself at times, I also love working, I usually feel happy when someone tells me that I inspire them, they really encourage me to work even more harder”
Her Encouragement:
Young people should always learn to work hard and be able to sustain themselves, they don’t need to depend on anyone, they should be innovative and also creative.
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