UPND followers have come out to condemn Hakainde Hichilema over his recent remarks that once the UPND is ushered into office that the kwacha will automatically gain in value. They said such baseless pronouncements can be compared to when he claimed that Zaffico, showgrounds and NRDC had been sold.

The netizens that had a chance to interact with Mr Hichilema on his facebook page, pinned Mr Hichilema down with unending questions of how his presence would improve the Zambian kwacha, they told Mr Hichilema to stop playing with peoples emotions by raising issues that had no backing because at the end of the day he will be the fool when they vote for the PF. Here are a few of thier comments…..

A Mr Mubita Nkandu wrote – do you remember when our president also lied to us that he was talking to Donald Trump, kanshi ninshi ba president Batusenda kwati tulifipuba?

A miss Beatrice Manda wrote – I was really disappointed with Mr Hichilema who I thought would raise issue based points during the interview only to hear that if I vote for him our kwacha will improve, surely what kind of stupidity is that?

A Mr Lameck Njobvu wrote – these are a few things that scare me about Mr Hichilema, the man never tells Zambians his true intentions for the nation, the very man promising to improve the kwacha has not even paid the retired BP workers. How can we trust such a man.

These and many more were the questions raised to Mr Hichilema who after a short while went off his page without answering any of the questions.