THE Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Malawi Archbishop Gianfranco Gallone says the political sentiments by Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu are not only worrying but a concern to the Catholic establishment.

Emeritus Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu

The Papal Representative says he feels disappointed with recent political pronouncements and language by Archbishop Mpundu.

“The Church has been a proponent of peace and unity among its congregants and the entire nation. Our resolve is to always reach out to all persons with message of reconciliation, love and peace but the political path taken by my brother (Archbishop Mpundu) is not only divisive but a misrepresentation of the teachings of Christ our Lord and the Holy Father,” he said.

Archbishop Gallone said the Catholic Church is known for preaching love and unity because that’s what Christ commanded Faithful ones to do.

“Division and hate are not our fruits. The Holy Father is known for his love for the Church and humanity. In Rwanda, some of our Faithful brothers abandoned their calling and started preaching hate, that was the beginning of trouble. The Holy Father does not expect his flock to take the inciting and painful route that contributed to bloodshed,” said Archbishop Gallone.

“The words attributed to my brother in Christ, Archbishop Mpundu are disturbing and disappointing. I understand he is entitled to expression of his opinion, that is his right. But my brother must realize that whenever he speaks, he will be quoted as an Archbishop of the Catholic Church so he has a duty to our Lord, the Holy Father and the Church to preach love and not sowing the seed of division,” he added.

Archbishop Gallone emphasized the need for those in leadership of Church to adhere to the holy writings in the book of Romans 13 when it comes to respecting authority.

And Apostolic Gallone hoped Archbishop Mpundu will realise that the Zambian Head of State, President Edgar Lungu, may not be responding to him out of respect for him and the Church. He said such an action of respect from President Lungu must be reciprocated.

“That scripture is a commandment from above. It doesnt matter whether it:s Edgar Lungu in Zambia or any other leader worldwide, leadership comes from God. Anyone who resist those in leadership resist what our Lord has himself appointed,” said Archbishop Gallone.

Archbishop Gallone revealed he will seek audience with Archbishop Mpundu and give him spiritual counsel as his Faithful brother because it hurts him seeing his fellow Archbishop get humiliated by politicians.

“We need to protect our brother (Archbishop Mpundu) from humiliation because ours is not about winning political elections for any individual but winning souls for Christ,” said Archbishop Gallone.