Little knowledge is always more dangerous than lack of it at all.If one holds a position that involves informing the public he should better equip himself with correct information before he missleads the nation.

Anthony Bwalya’s post in socal media about the Kazungula bridge construction and toll fees is highly misleading and lacks research.

I do understand that according to Anthony and the UPND,the construction of the Kazungula bridge was a waste of money,but to most of us Zambians, Batswana, Zimbabweans and Namibians this is a massive development. And the bridge it’s self is a master piece of engineering.

I would like to remind Mr Bwalya that Kazungula border had pontoons from decades back and they were operated by Zambia,toll fees were being collected and they are very different from the new road toll fees.We don’t see what is unreasonable with the fees.

The PF and Botswana’s BDP governments dont hide any information about these projects and the information about expenditure and financing of the Kazungula bridge is available both here and in Botswana all Mr Bwalya needs is to develop a culture of reading. LET US READ and UNDERSTAND BANE!