By Shadrick Mumba, UNZASU President

Citizens in the USA protested to support Trump and bar the verification of Bidden and kamara Haris as president and vice president respectively.

The reasons for this demonstration is that the elections were rigged and were not fair, an innocent life of a woman lost she was shot dead, many injured, the police were pointing guns in unarmed protestors.

The US government has described those civilians who voted and sympathised with Trump as “terrorists” went on to say they will be delt with the law for they tried to disturb the Democracy the country has cherished.

Here in Africa, to be precise in Zambia, we saw the US embassy comment on our national issues with a different and hypocritcal tonne.

When the police summoned one of the opposition leaders to questioning, buses of sympathisers the police needed to maintain law and order. Because of this confusion and luck of respect for the institution of governance two lives were lost in the event very unfortunate, may their souls rest in peace.

The american embassy or put it plainly the US government called those people as “activist of human rights”, described the confusion as freedom of expression, and talked about th shrinking space.

I remember many insulted me on my post when I said America should be the last to condemn such in our country. I hope you all now can verify and see the bigger picture.

Would the government of Zambia be wrong to term all those that caused confusion as “terrorists”?

Zambia is a very peaceful country, we are a sovereign state, we manage our own affairs and we need to work hard for Africa.

Some of these people you support if you analyse them and see the bigger picture are torrorists in our country and the are helped by the colonisers, imperialists.

God made all of us equal.