The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre -PMRC- says Government needs to amend the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015 to ensure that Zambians benefit from the mining sector.

PMRC Executive Director Bernadette Zulu says this will help Government to maximise from the 100 percent acquisition of Mopani Copper Mines.

Zulu says the amendment of the Act will ensure proper coordination and an adequate legal framework governing the mines.

In a statement to ZNBC news, Monday, Zulu said poor corporate governance has led to the fall of many private and state-owned enterprises around the world.

She said PMRC strongly recommends that principles of corporate governance be embedded in the running of Mopani Copper Mines.

Zulu said the hundred percent acquisition comes with many socio-economic benefits such as employment security for the 15 thousand mine workers.

She said this will have a trickledown effect on their communities and the nation at large.

Zulu noted that the acquisition also provides an opportunity for local mine suppliers and contractors to conduct business with the mines.

Last month, Government, through the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings ZCCM-IH, completed the 100 percent acquisition of Mopani Copper Mines following its negotiations with Glencore.