After receiving so much pressure from his followers over his style of politics which is considered amateurish by many, HH has confessed that he is not a professional politician because before being forced to join politics he had a life and a career which was different from politics.

A few days ago, controversial prophet and UPND sympathizer Seer 1 blasted HH for practising mild and lukewarm politics because he can’t win an election with the kind of politics he practices. In his response to Seer 1’s remarks HH has said that politics is not his career and he is comfortable with his political performance.

When asked if he will retire from politics after losing the August elections, HH said he is not thinking about retiring because losing for the 6th time is nothing special. The UPND leader also made reference to politicians like Abraham Lincoln who lost multiple times before becoming Presidents.

Mr. Hichilema also made it clear that he is not afraid of leaving politics because it has brought him so much pain such as the pain of losing elections, being arrested and charged with treason and losing so much money to fund the party’s activities. He added that concentrating on his businesses gives him the peace of mind as opposed to the stress that comes with politics.