OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili has described rebel Vice President, Joseph Akafumba, Secretary General Bridget Atanga and Roan Member of Parliament Chishala as fluffy dogs who are trying to bite a Lion.

During a press briefing held together with Lusaka Members of the NDC Central Committee this afternoon said desperation and hunger is driving the 3 members in a wrong direction.

“When you want to start a war, you must examine the risk,” he warned his members to the applause of his members.

Mr Kambwili described the talks he has been having with the UPND over the name of the Alliance but regretted that Mr Hichilema continue to want to dominant the Alliance.

“I don’t not have the authority to make the position of the party now before consulting the Central Committee but we shall be meeting on Saturday and by 12 hours, you shall learn about our decisions,” he said.

Earlier today, an informer said Mr Hichilema has vowed to dismantle the NDC ahead of dissolution of Parliament and promised to follow Mr Kambwili in Roan and Copperbelt to show him his strength.

According to UPND Alliance member Leslie Chikuse, the Alliance resolved to distance themselves from Mr Kambwili whom they say cannot stand because of his conviction which some NGOs are planning to challenge.

“According to NDC Vice President Akafumba, Mr Kambwili is a lame duck whichever way you look at it,” said Chikuse.

Mr Hichilema has also promised rewards to NDC delinquents whom he has promised to incorporate into his leadership.