Republican President Edgar says he is impressed with the progress made towards the construction of modern cultivation and production infrastructure, irrigation systems and an advanced training centre in Kawambwa District.

President Lungu says Green 2000 Project will improve agric technology in Zambia forever

Earlier today, the President toured the Green 2,000 Agriculture Project in the Luena Farm Block in Kawambwa district of Luapula Province.

President Lungu disclosed that the Project is an ambitious project that will transform and improve agricultural technology in Zambia forever.

“It will focus on growing high value crops and outgrower schemes, creating jobs, skills and technology transfer for thousands of our local farmers in Kawambwa district and beyond,” said President Lungu

The President said his administration is unstoppable in its quest to transform Luapula and Zambia’s agriculture sector without leaving anyone behind.

President Lungu at the Green 2000 Agriculture Project in Luena Farm Block