By Jonas Mukafumba

Ackson Sejani

“Southern Province won’t be cowed into silence over UPND succession, vows Sejani…A TONGA MUST REPLACE MAZOKA-REX NATALA

Attempts must be made to put this whole debate into perspective. When I joined UPND in 2002, I was told by some founding gurus that you need two things to understand how UPND functions and how it is held together…you need to hold the party constitution on one hand and the entrenched convention of the quota system on the other.”

Wednesday June 7, 2006
The Post Newspaper, Edition No. 3520

ZAMBIA is a Country of 73 ethnic groupings representing a diverse cultural heritage, that’s what makes our Country beautiful. Regardless of ones tribe they must be able to freely belong to a group of their choice, even the national Constitution provides the right of association.

That is why our founding fathers sung the slogan One Zambia One Nation. However the current political landscape in Zambia seem to move away from this belief of us being a one people.

The political landscape that exist today is one that promotes regionalism and tribalism. Many would think that political parties such as the United Party for National Development (UPND) is a party that embraces all tribes in Zambia due to the inclusion of some Bembas. That is far from the truth as most Bembas in that party are mere tools that they want to use as ladders.

Allow me to demonstrate to you that political parties such as the UPND is but a political party that belongs to a particular tribe.

The party was founded by a Tonga and it was proclaimed that only another Tonga can succeed him and that is how a Bemba in Hon Bob Sichinga who was at that time the Vice President was discarded.

Secondly, the mouthpiece of any given institution gives direction and beliefs of what they stand for, true to their beliefs and values, the UPND has ensured that a Tonga is the one that interacts with the media as a Lunda in Charles Kakoma can not represent the party even when he is the official chairperson of information.

Furthermore, the party has representation not only in the Southern Province but in Central and North Western but they have systematically ensured that only the Tongas such as Garry Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu are vocal in parliament.

I know that the mention of the Tonga usually make people scream that it’s tribalism but I feel these facts must be made known to the Zambian people.

In 2015 the UPND entered into a marriage of convenience with Felix Mutati a Bemba simply to use him as a ladder to get to power and as soon as he could not help them achieve their desires they dumped him. Later in 2016 again UPND wanted to use a Bemba to climb up to power, they looked for GBM and used him but unfortunately God could not allow it, he too got dumped.

During the Lukashya and Mwansabombwe by-elections UPND needed a ladder to win the two elections, it again a Bemba in Chella Tukuta that they quickly recruited and publicized so as just to win elections.

Now as we heard to 2021 UPND is again planning on using another Bemba as a ladder and so far we have all seen that they want to pretend to have human feelings towards our brother Dr Chishimba Kambwili and if he does not deliver as they hope they will drop him like a hot stone and insult him just like they insulted GBM.

We are already seeing our sister Doreen Mwamba in Munali being sidelined for their blood and tribes mate Lilian Matambo.

Political parties must learn to embrace everyone regardless of their tribe or religion, but for our friends in the UPND we see that they would only entertain a Bemba when it suits them.

They used Felix Mutati and dumped him, they later used GBM as a ladder but still dumped him and Chella too will be dumped very soon. My advice to Chishimba Kambwili is that if he is only worth being a ladder then let him avail himself to the UPND also but he should be ready to be dumped too.

Bembas are just but ladders in UPND.

NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela with convicted NDC leader Kambwili