IN ONE single move, President Lungu has excited and regained the confidence of majority Zambians. A quick scan through social media shows that the President’s popularity rating have sky rocketed as a result of one single decision, firing of the Health Minister.

It will prove to be a landmark in the political history of Zambia. The Opposition had been demanding the removal of Dr Chilufya when the allegations about financial irregularities to the tune of $17 Million surfaced few months ago. Opposition leaders like Hakainde Hichilema were after Dr Chilufya’s blood. The investiagtions were ongoing and hence the matter was on hold…. awaiting clarity.

The Honeybee Scandal tipped the scales and a decision was reached. But immediately the Health Minister was sacked, Hichilema suddenly changed his stance and is trying to set a narrative that the action is wrong. Mr. Hichilema needs to understand one thing, Zambia is not a banana republic. We have a well defined and smooth functioning judicial as well as administrative system that follows the Constitution of Zambia. The system does not allow decision making as per the whims and fancies of some people as may be the case in the UPND party.

When Mr. Hichilema says that the action against Dr Chilufya is too little and too late, he is actually defying the judicial system and Constitution of Zambia. He must know that punishments and penalties are imposed in compliance with legal procedure. Even if the government or the investigation agencies know that the person under investigations is guilty, there is protocol to be adhered to.

President Edgar Lungu followed procedure in this matter too. He did not make haste, thereby not leaving any room for any blame game. In this case, President Lungu acted at the right time, not too soon and not too late. The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee was investigating the allegations and any action was possible only after the committee submitted its report. Hakainde Hichilema needs to realise that this is a government functioning and not some shop or business of an individual who does as he feels. The allegation that President Edgar Lungu didn’t act swiftly, is not only baseless but also mindless. A person who aspires to rule the country some day, should not be so eager to exhibit his lack of administrative knowledge.

There are many other good ways for Hichilema to tell people that he thinks like a businessman, not like a diplomat and is not fit to occupy the State House. He might be running his businesses like this, but he can’t run a country on his whims and fancies.