THE Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) which has opened an intelligence inquiry into the movement of funds in two Bank Accounts maintained by ActionAID Zambia.

According to two sources who sought anonymity from named Banks, the FIC has submitted request for the Bank to avail them financial transactions of two accounts maintained by ActionAID Zambia.

β€œIt may be that FIC is concerned with international and local inflows and disbursements made by Action Aid Zambia to entities within Zambia who are being suspected of being used to incite violence and terrorist acts against Zambia during an election year,” said one source.

Another source said ActionAid Zambia has disbursed over US$24,000 to musician Pilato to do some political songs targeting President Lungu ahead of 2021 elections.

But an official from Action Aid Zambia from the Global Platform said Action Aid has a long-term working relationship with musicians including Pilato whom they have been funding to advance democratic processes.

β€œI am not authorised to talk to you but the money we got and are giving organisations comes from the European Union and its for purposes of civic activities. If Fumba is using this money to campaign against Edgar Lungu, that is outside our control,” she said.