President Edgar Lungu has committed to empowering over a million youths to go back to school and obtain their General Certificate of Education (GCE).

Speaking at State House when he met officials from officials from the Presidential Education Initiative: Back to school program’ President Lungu said his government will support efforts meant to encourage people to go back to school at all levels of education.

The President also says there will be no problem of people not having a qualification by the year 2026 when he completes his second term in office.

He says following the pronouncement by the Constitutional Court on the need for candidates to have the grade 12 qualification, government will work out ways to ensure more people are given equal chance to rewrite the exams.

President Lungu notes that some people failed grade 12 due to one reason which include family problems as well as early marriages.

He says it is sad that some youths are proud and do not want to rewrite grade 12 even when the qualification is important.

And Programes Coordinator Patrick Samwimbila said the group wants to help five hundred thousand people rewrite their examinations by 2026.

He said he has a team of teachers who have been teaching those that are interested.

Mr. Samwimbila said his team will need government to help with accommodation space in order to conduct their programs.

And a beneficiary of the Program Chisenga Mwiinga said the program is good as it will help more people to have a grade 12 certificate.

“Mr President, even as you seek to begin your new term in office, we as youths are not asking for temporal monetary empowerment but we ask that you support us to acquire knowledge and become self-sufficient,” she said