The Chipata Magistrates Court has handed two health workers from Chizongwe Lunkhwakwa clinic a two-year suspended sentence each for theft of drugs.

Resident Magistrate Destiny Kalusopa jailed Andford Chimaneni 47, a male nurse and Tiziwe Manda 37 a general worker.

Particulars of the offence were that the two on September 12, 2020 stole two boxes of sulfamethoxazole and trimethofrine septrine medicine valued at 6,431 Kwacha from Chizongwe Lunkhwakwa clinic, which came into their possession by virtue of their employment, the same being property of the government of Zambia namely ministry of Health their employer.

The convicts claimed that the drugs that they were found with were meant to be taken to Chankhozi clinic and this prompted Magistrate Kalusopa to subpoena the in-charge of the said clinic.

Magistrate Kalusopa also subpoenaed the in-charge of Kapata urban clinic to explain whether the trend of sharing drugs was allowed.

This was after Manda told the court that at some point, she was sent to take drugs to the clinic.

After being subpoenaed, the in-charge of the two clinics told the court that clinics normally share drugs with documentation.

However, Chankhozi clinical officer in charge Penias Phiri said although clinics normally share drugs, there was no arrangement between his clinic and Chizongwe Lunkhwakwa clinic in this particular case.

Magistrate Kalusopa slapped them with a two-year suspended sentence.